Medical Education

DJO Global Institute, the Medical Education arm of DJO Global, offers many robust educational events to meet the needs of a broad array of Health Care Professionals (HCP). Through education, we hope to improve patient care, and help get them back to a healthy active lifestyle.  We are committed to advancing professional education in areas that will positively affect experiences faced in daily clinical practices and help improve the quality of patients' lives.

Our broad line of products covers the entire patient experience from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation. Through education we have the power to positively affect a patient’s life. Programs developed are geared towards educating HCPs on how they can better serve their patients related to pain management, injury prevention & treatment and rehabilitation.

Clinical Education Programs (CEPs)

CEPs are dedicated programs designed to address specific topics that will support our new product launches, featured products, and DJO’s ability to positively affect patients throughout their continuum of care.

Surgical Labs

Hands on practical labs allow surgeons to stay current in the latest techniques as related to Arthroplasty Procedures. Below is our 2014 calendar of surgical medical education events.

Type of Meeting Date Location
DAA/Revision Hip May 9 - 10 Miami, FL
Advanced Shoulder May 16 -17 San Diego, CA
DAA/Revision Hip September 5 -6 Las Vegas, NV
Advanced Shoulder September 12 - 13 Miami, FL
Masters Shoulder October 24 - 25 San Diego, CA
DAA/Revision Hip November 14 - 15 San Diego, CA

Trade Show Symposiums

Customers attending trade shows can take advantage of one of our DJO Symposiums to gain further knowledge in their respected fields.  These symposiums are educational offerings in addition to the trade show curriculum.